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Product advantages of bidirectional sleeve compensator


Latest company news about Product advantages of bidirectional sleeve compensator

The sliding surface of bi-directional sleeve compensator is specially treated and has good corrosion resistance in salt water and salt solution, which is more than 50 times higher than that of austenitic stainless steel. At the same time, when the sealing effect is weakened due to wear after many years, the flange can be tightened again to enhance the sealing performance, or the bolt can be loosened, the pressure ring can be removed, and then one or two layers of sealing ring can be installed to compress the pressure ring and continue to use. The two-way sleeve compensator can prevent the damage caused by the sinking of the connected support or equipment foundation, adapt to the eccentric error of pipeline installation, and facilitate the installation and maintenance. Bidirectional sleeve compensator has the characteristics of positive and negative steam supply. It is not necessary to consider the flow direction of medium during installation; In addition to the large amount of compensation and quick and convenient installation of the original direct buried type, the compensator is more safe and reliable in use due to the use of the diversion tube with special structure. The compensator is mainly used for direct burial, trench or overhead. The two-way sleeve compensator has the advantages of reasonable structure, good elasticity, large range of thermal expansion and cold contraction of the compensation pipeline, small reaction force on the pipeline support, vibration absorption and dust isolation. Bidirectional sleeve compensator, also known as tubular expansion joint, is a compensation device for hot fluid pipeline, which is mainly used for auxiliary equipment of linear pipeline. It is suitable for hot water, steam, grease and other media. Through the sliding movement of the sliding sleeve, the thermal expansion compensation can be achieved.

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