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Thickness selection of flange metal corrugated compensator


Latest company news about Thickness selection of flange metal corrugated compensator

Flange type metal corrugated compensator is an axial stainless steel corrugated compensator made of single-layer or multi-layer thin-walled metal tubes. When working, the corrugated deformation is used to compensate the heat in the tube. Most of the bellows used in heating tubes are made of stainless steel.
Metal corrugated compensators can be basically divided into three types: axial, lateral and angular according to the displacement form. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, in order to make the bellows compensator work normally and realize the economical and reasonable design and selection of the bellows compensator, a reasonable choice should be made according to different working conditions.

The axial bellows compensator can absorb axial displacement and can be divided into internal pressure type and external pressure type according to its pressure bearing method; the transverse compensator can deform along the radial direction of the compensator and is usually installed on the horizontal pipe section in the pipeline. To absorb the thermal elongation of the axial displacement pipe. The angle compensator uses the flat angle of the bellows to absorb lateral displacement in one or more directions on the flat tube system. Need to install in pairs or three sets.

The material thickness of the wave body of the flange-type metal corrugated compensator is mainly determined by the working pressure value, that is, the thickness of the wave body is calculated according to the pressure, and the wave body thickness is divided into single layer, double layer and three layers. The more layers, the thicker the thickness, and of course, the greater the working pressure. If the stiffness of the compensator is required, the total thickness of the compensator can be appropriately increased. Since the wave body material thickness of the compensator cannot be too thick or too thin, it is necessary to adjust the wave height and wall thickness to meet this requirement if necessary.

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