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EPDM Threaded Expansion Joint , PVC Flexible Joint Maintain Excellent Elasticity Balance

EPDM Threaded Expansion Joint , PVC Flexible Joint Maintain Excellent Elasticity Balance

high temperature expansion joint

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Malleable Iron
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EPDM Rubber Joint
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EPDM Threaded Expansion Joint

EPDM threaded expansion joint can also be called fan coil rubber joint, spiral rubber soft joint, spiral rubber soft joint, spiral rubber soft joint, etc. It is composed of inner rubber, multi-layer scraper cord reinforcement, outer rubber pipe and metal movable joint.


Performance characteristics of EPDM threaded expansion joint


1. Reduce the noise caused by pipeline pump vibration and have strong damping capacity.

2. Convenient installation and operation, simple and flexible.

3. It is an internal seamless high-pressure rubber joint made of rubber soft joint, which can effectively prevent the corrosion of high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant and corrosive medium in oil resistant pipeline to the inner wall of rubber soft joint and improve the service life.

4. After installation, it can absorb the lateral, axial and angular displacement caused by pipeline vibration and is not limited by the imbalance between the pipeline and the neutral flange.


Technical data of EPDM threaded expansion joint


Main data of EPDM threaded expansion joint
Nominal diameter(DN) Length Axial displacement(mm) Horizontal displacement Deflexion angle
mm inch mm Extension Compression mm (a1+a2)°
15 1/2 200 5-6 22 22 45°
20 3/4 200 5-6 22 22 45°
25 1 200 5-6 22 22 45°
32 1 1/4 200 5-6 22 22 45°
40 1 1/2 200 5-6 22 22 45°
50 2 200 5-6 22 22 45°
65 2 1/2 265 8-10 24 24 45°
80 3 285 8-10 24 24 45°

Note: If there are special requirements, it can be customized according to the user's drawings. The flange standard is GB / t9115. 1-2000. Various flange standards (GB, JB, Hg, CB, ANSI, DIN, BSEN, NF, en, JIS, ISO, etc.) can be selected for production. Rubber balls can be natural rubber, ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber, neoprene, butyl rubber, butadiene rubber, fluororubber, etc.


EPDM threaded expansion joint details show


EPDM Threaded Expansion Joint , PVC Flexible Joint Maintain Excellent Elasticity Balance 0


EPDM threaded expansion joint production Flow


EPDM Threaded Expansion Joint , PVC Flexible Joint Maintain Excellent Elasticity Balance 1


Selecting a suitable pipe joint requires understanding the compatibility of the medium with the selected material, the full temperature, pressure and vacuum range, the required movement and the size between pipe flanges. With this information, Jingning application engineers can help determine the ideal rubber joint for any application.


EPDM threaded expansion joint advantage




1. Galvanized for 15 minutes, resistant to high pressure, high temperature, oil, wear, corrosion, acid and alkali.

2. Connect with pumps, valves, fire-fighting equipment, pipes with large vibration and pipes with frequent changes in cold and heat.

3. The content of natural rubber is 47%, which can be used continuously for 15 years without aging.

We introduce foreign advanced technology and combine China's production experience. In the manufacturing operation of rubber joint, the inner side bears high pressure, and the combination of nylon rope and inner rubber is better, which can bear higher pressure than ordinary bellows expansion joint. It is characterized by the perfect combination of internal rubber layer, bright, clean and seamless; Its label adopts vulcanization process, which is perfectly matched with the sphere.


EPDM threaded expansion joint application


EPDM threaded expansion joint is suitable for connecting the inlet and outlet pipes of various fan coils for air conditioning in hotels and other guest rooms. It is also applicable to factory and residential pipeline systems, as well as circulating water pipes, sanitary pipes, chemical anti-corrosion and refrigeration pipes.

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