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Carbon Steel Duckbill Check Valve High Temperature Resistance

Carbon Steel Duckbill Check Valve High Temperature Resistance

Carbon Steel Duckbill Check Valve

Temperature Resistance Duckbill Check Valve

DN50 Duckbill Check Valve

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Product Details
Rubber Material:
Flange Standard:
Flange/Clamp Material:
Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel
Company Type:
Product Name:
Duckbill Valve
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Product Description

Rubber Flap Flange Type Water Silicone Duckbill Check Valve


The duckbill valve has no movable components and is free of any maintenance. The valve can be used for straight pipe, flange pipe, cement pipe and glass steel pipe. The valve is widely used for coastal, beach, wharf, reservoir, municipal flood discharge and sewage discharge. It can be described as an environmental protection green valve. The valve replaces the flap door and gate, and completely solves the problem that the flap door is easily blocked by sediment, silt, stone, vegetation and marine organisms.


Performance characteristics


1. 100% all rubber structure, can meet all kinds of anti-corrosion requirements (according to the actual demand, different rubber materials can be selected).

2. No blockage and good sealing.

3. Long service life, trouble free, maintenance free.

4. No moving parts and mechanical parts, no electrical signal and manual operation, no noise.

5. When the opening pressure is small, the water head greater than 0.01 M can be opened.

6. Under general conditions, the head loss can be reduced to a minimum.

7. Can change various installation forms to meet customer needs.

8. Convenient installation, low cost and low operation cost.

Carbon Steel Duckbill Check Valve High Temperature Resistance 0


Pressure and temperature


working pressure PN10/PN16/PN25
testing pressure

Shell: 1.5 times rated pressure,

Seat: 1.1 times rated pressure.

working temperature

-10°C to 80°C (NBR)

-10°C to 120°C (EPDM)

suitable media Water, Oil and gas.

Main material list


part material
body Chloroprene rubber, Neoprene, NBR & EPDM rubber, etc.
seat ring NBR / EPDM
seat metal




Function of duckbill valve

Rubber duckbill valve can prevent flood and sewage from flowing back into street sewers and basements, avoid heavy losses, prevent flood from flowing back into sewage treatment plants and drainage pumping stations when water level rises; prevent the odor diffusion of sewage or odorous fluid, and can drain water at any time; in rainy season, it can prevent urban inland river flood from flowing back into the streets; the quality is better than that of paimen Some defects such as lax closing of the clapping door have been overcome.




Main application of flange type rubber sewage check valve: used in waterproof system, discharge system, pump outlet, lifting pump station and submerged aeration system. Main features of the product: rubber flange and valve body are integrated, and installation is very convenient. The valve body adopts all rubber design, which will not cause siltation and things stuck, reduce maintenance costs, and allow solid particles to pass smoothly. Valve body material: neoprene, hypron, NBR and EPDM; flange material: q235,304,316, etc. 


Carbon Steel Duckbill Check Valve High Temperature Resistance 1


Product advantage


1.Factory price

2.16 years of manufacturing experience, 5 years of export experience

3.Strict quality inspection, the quality far exceeds the industry standard.

4.Mold a variety of specifications, support customization, OEM

5.Provide free samples

6.Large inventory




Q1What`s the rubber material of Duckbill Check Valve?

A1: EPDM,CR,NBR,etc .It depends on the working enviroment and media.


Q2: Is the flange galvaized of Duckbill Check Valve?

A2: Yes,we have electronic galvanized and hot dip galvanized flanges.We also have painted flanges.


Q3: Can I get a sample?

A3: Of cause. We could delivery by Express,by air or by sea.


Q4: What is the MOQ of Duckbill Check Valve?

A4: 1 Piece, You can also get it as a sample to test our product quality ,then you can purchase order to us .


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