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Maintenance Free Rotary Thermal Expansion Compensator Connector

Maintenance Free Rotary Thermal Expansion Compensator Connector

Rotary Thermal Expansion Compensator

Maintenance Free Thermal Expansion Compensator

Maintenance Free expansion compensator

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17Years' Experience
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Rotary Compensator
Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel
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Maintenance free rotary compensator connector directly sold by manufacturer


The rotary compensator is composed of reducer, inner sleeve, outer sleeve of sealing seat, flexible graphite packing, nut bolt spring combination and packing gland, and is equipped with corresponding ball. The rotary compensator uses the sealing material to be molded with a press, and the molding density is not too dense to maintain the plasticity. Then put n rings of the packing ring (determined according to the product requirements) into the packing chamber, add some components to delay oxidation, and then use the hydraulic press to carry out secondary molding under a certain pressure (the hydraulic press surpasses the manual wrench process in strength and uniformity), so as to integrate the packing rings, so as to improve the density of the packing and improve the sealing performance of the packing, Ensure that the product will not leak within 15-20 years.


Performance of rotary compensator


Rotary compensator is mainly used for large distance compensation. In the three-dimensional pipe network and spatial network, fixed support is not required at the turning of the pipe network, but the angle of the rotary compensator is used to absorb the heat expansion and cooling contraction in the pipe network, which is simple, convenient and low cost.

The rotary compensator is composed of a rotary inner cylinder, a packing gland, a fastening flange, a spring flange, a spring, a guide centering ring, a shaped flexible graphite sealing packing, a sealing pressure ring, a sealing seat shell, an end connecting pipe, a bolt and a nut. The rotary compensator features no thrust, maintenance free, large compensation and no leakage.


 Rotary compensator structure


Maintenance Free Rotary Thermal Expansion Compensator Connector 0


Technical data of rotary compensator


Main data of rotary compensator

Nominal diameter(mm)

Outer diameter of core tubeD1(mm)

Outer diameter of outer sleeveD2(MM)

Flange outer diameterD3(MM)

Installation lengt Lax(mm)

1.0Mpa 1.6Mpa 2.5Mpa 4Mpa
100 106 133 215 320 0.62 0.96 1.60


125 131 159 245 320 1.15 2.00 3.13 4.68
150 157 194 285 330 1.81 2.86 4.35 4.68
200 217 273 335 355 2.52 4.10 5.93 9.49
250 270 325 405 360 5.00 7.6 11.61 18.65
300 322 377 470 380 7.61 12.10 17.48 27.56
350 373 426 525 400 9.79 15.85 22.50 36.32
400 426 480 575 400 12.89 20.15 29.84 47.60
450 478 530 630 400 18.20 29.15 42.21 67.52
500 528 580 680 415 24.97 38.96 57.12 91.58
600 630 670 770 440 31.20 50.00 70.23 113.60
700 720 760 870 470 38.12 54.80 86.70 138.50
800 820 860 1000 490 45.90 72.45 105.20 168.30
900 920 960 1120 530 53.60 210.00 124.50 197.00
1000 1020 1060 1210 600 62.50 100 145.00 230.00

Rotary compensator advantage


1. Factory price of rotary compensator.

2. 16 years of manufacturing experience, 5 years of export experience.

3. Strict quality inspection, the quality far exceeds the industry standard.

4. Rotary compensator mold has a variety of specifications, support customization, OEM.

5. Provide free samples of rotary compensator.

6. Rotary compensators are in large stock.


Rotary compensator application


The company adopts the most advanced and reliable sealing technology and double combined sealing structure. The rotary compensator has all the characteristics of reasonable design, unique structure, no thrust, good sealing and large compensation. Rotary compensator is widely used in reservoir water intake, water supply, petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, textile, construction and other fields.




Q1:Can the rotary compensator marked with customized logo?

A1:Yes,the rotary compensator can be marked with your logo. We could provide OEM&ODM service for rotary compensator.


Q2:What’s the face to face length of rotary compensator?

A2:The face to face length of rotary compensator can be L130, L152,L203... We also could accept customized length according to your requirements.


Q3:Can you provide drawings of rotary compensator?

A3:Yes,we could provide drawings of rotary compensator for you.Please contact us to get the drawing of rotary compensator.


Q4:What certificates of rotary compensator can you provide?

A4:We could provide CE,ISO certificate for our rotary compensator.


Q5:Can we get a sample of rotary compensator?

A5:Yes,we could provide samples for you to test the quality of our rotary compensator.


Q6:What’s the warranty period of rotary compensator?

A6:We provide 18 months’ warranty for our rotary compensator.

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