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Corrosion Resistance Flange Type Sewage Duckbill Check Valve Clamp Connected

Corrosion Resistance Flange Type Sewage Duckbill Check Valve Clamp Connected

Clamp Connected Duckbill Check Valve

DN50 Duckbill Check Valve

Clamp Connected rubber duckbill valve

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Product Details
Warranty Time:
18 Months
Rubber Material:
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Flange Type Sewage Duckbill Check Valve Flexible Rubber Joint
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Wooden Box
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L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, T/T, MoneyGram
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5000 Sets/Week
Product Description

Neoprene Duckbill Check Valve Oil Resistant Rubber Body


Duckbill Check Valve is generally made of natural rubber or chloroprene rubber and artificial fiber through special processing. Because the appearance looks like duck's mouth and the front end is flat, it is called duckbill check valve.Classification of duckbill check valve:According to the connection mode, it is generally divided into flange duckbill valve and clamp duckbill valve;According to the material, it can be divided into natural rubber duckbill valve and neoprene duckbill valve.


Features & Benefits of duckbill check valve

1. The duckbill check valve is 100% full rubber structure, which can meet various anti-corrosion requirements (different rubber materials can be selected according to the actual demand).
2. The duckbill check valve has no blockage and good sealing.
3. Duckbill check valve has long service life, no fault and maintenance free.
4. The duckbill check valve has no moving parts and mechanical parts, no electric signal and manual operation, no noise.
5. When the opening pressure of duckbill check valve is small, the valve with water head more than 0.01M can be opened.
6. In general, the duckbill check valve can minimize the head loss.
7. The duckbill check valve can be changed in various installation forms according to the needs of customers.
8. The duckbill check valve has the advantages of convenient installation, low cost and low operation cost.


Technical data of duckbill check valve



Main data of duckbill check valve
Pipe Size ID Length Height Flange Outside Diameter
DN(mm) NPS L(mm) H A
50 2 150 100 150
80 3 220 140 200
100 4 250 200 225
150 6 340 265 275
200 8 420 325 338
250 10 520 425 400
300 12 620 525 485
350 14 700 625 525
400 16 800 725 588
450 18 900 825 625
500 20 980 925 688
600 24 1120 1025 800
700 28 1180 1125 969
800 32 1350 1400 1080
900 36 1500 1525 1150
1000 40 1600 1725 1325
1200 48 1840 1950 1485

Note: for duckbill check valve, if there are other standard requirements or special flange needs to be customized, please provide written drawings, standards and information, we can customize duckbill check valve for you.


Duckbill check valve advantages

1. Duckbill check valve is factory price

2.17 years of manufacturing experience, 5 years of export experience

3. Duckbill check valve has strict quality inspection, and the quality is far beyond the industry standard.

4. Various specifications of duckbill check valve mould support customization and OEM

5. Provide free samples of duckbill check valve

6. Duckbill check valve has large inventory


Duckbill check valve application

Because the main feature of the duckbill check valve is that the flange and the duckbill check valve are integrated, the installation is very convenient. The duckbill check valve adopts all rubber design, which will not cause blockage and jamming, reduce the maintenance cost and make the solid particles pass through smoothly. So the main application scope of duckbill check valve is: for waterproof system, drainage system, pump outlet, lifting pump station, submerged aeration system.

Corrosion Resistance Flange Type Sewage Duckbill Check Valve Clamp Connected 0



Q1:What`s the rubber material of duckbill check valve?

A1: EPDM,CR,NBR,etc .It depends on the working enviroment and media.


Q2: Is the flange galvaized of duckbill check valve?

A2: Yes,we have electronic galvanized and hot dip galvanized flanges.We also have painted flanges.


Q4: What is the MOQ of duckbill check valve?

A4: 1 Piece, You can also get it as a sample to test our product quality ,then you can purchase order to us.


Q3:Can the duckbill check valve be marked with customized logo?

A3:Yes,the duckbill check valve can be marked with your logo. We could provide OEM&ODM service for duckbill check valve.

Q4:Can you provide drawings of duckbill check valve?

A4:Yes,we could provide drawings of duckbill check valve for you.Please contact us to get the drawing of duckbill check valve.


Q5:Can we get a sample of duckbill check valve?

A5:Yes,we could provide samples for you to test the quality of our duckbill check valve.



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