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RLJS Single Bellow Epdm Rubber Axial Expansion Flexible Joint Bellows

RLJS Single Bellow Epdm Rubber Axial Expansion Flexible Joint Bellows

Rubber Axial Expansion Joint

Epdm flexible joint

rubber expansion joint bellows

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High Quality EPDM Rubber Axial Expansion Joint
Axial Expansion Joint
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high quality epdm rubber axial expansion joint


Axial expansion joint is also known as rubber bellows, rubber joint, single ball flexible connection, expansion joint bellows, etc. The axial expansion joint is mainly composed of two PCs flanges and a rubber ball. Flanges are used for connection. The rubber ball is flexible and can absorb axial, horizontal and annular displacement. The normal working pressure of the axial expansion joint is 16bar, the normal working temperature of the axial expansion joint is - 15 ~ + 90 ℃, the standard size of the axial expansion joint is dn25-dn3000, the standard rubber materials are natural rubber, EPDM, neoprene, nitrile rubber and polytetrafluoroethylene, and the standard flange materials are carbon steel galvanized, carbon steel painted, cast iron painted and stainless steel. Of course, if you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will recommend a good solution to you.


Performance characteristics of axial expansion joint


1. The axial expansion joint has the advantages of small size, light weight, good ductility and convenient installation and maintenance.

2. Axial expansion joint installation can cause horizontal, radial, angular offset, will not be limited by the pipe plug center, flange uneven surface.

3. When the axial expansion joint is working, it can reduce the structure transmission noise and has strong vibration absorption ability.


Technical data of axial expansion joint​​


Main data of axial expansion joint
Nominal diameter(DN) Length Axial displacement(mm) Horizontal displacement Deflexion angle
mm inch mm Extension Compression mm (a1+a2)°
32 1 1/4 95 6 9 9 15°
40 1 1/2 95 6 10 9 15°
50 2 105 7 10 10 15°
65 2 1/2 115 7 13 11 15°
80 3 135 8 15 12 15°
100 4 150 10 19 13 15°
125 5 165 12 19 13 15°
150 6 180 12 20 14 15°
200 8 210 16 25 22 15°
250 10 230 16 25 22 15°
300 12 245 16 25 22 15°
350 14 255 16 25 22 15°
400 16 255 16 25 22 15°
450 18 255 16 25 22 15°
500 20 255 16 25 22 15°
600 24 260 16 25 22 15°

Note: 1. The special requirements of axial expansion joint can be customized according to user's drawing. Flange standard is GB / t9115.1-2000. Various flange standards (GB, JB, Hg, CB, ANSI, DIN, BSEN, NF, en, JIS, ISO, etc.) can be selected for production. The rubber ball of axial expansion joint can be used as natural rubber, EPDM, chloroprene rubber, butyl rubber, butadiene rubber, fluororubber, etc. when the axial expansion joint above DN200 is used for suspension water supply, the pipeline must have fixed support or fixed support, otherwise the axial expansion joint shall be installed with anti falling device.


Axial expansion joint details show

RLJS Single Bellow Epdm Rubber Axial Expansion Flexible Joint Bellows 0


Axial expansion joint production flow


Do you know how is a axial expansion joint made?Let's see with JINGNING.


RLJS Single Bellow Epdm Rubber Axial Expansion Flexible Joint Bellows 1


It is very important to know the compatibility between the medium of axial expansion joint and the selected expansion rubber material, the range of full temperature, full pressure and full vacuum, the required movement of axial expansion joint, and the size between pipe flanges when selecting the appropriate flexible joint pipe. With this information, JINGNING application engineers can help determine the ideal axial expansion joint for any application.


Axial expansion joint advantage


1. Factory price of axial expansion joint.

2. 16 years of manufacturing experience, 5 years of export experience.

3. Strict quality inspection, the quality far exceeds the industry standard.

4. Axial expansion joint mold has a variety of specifications, support customization, OEM.

5. Provide free samples of axial expansion joint.

6. Axial expansion joint are in large stock.


Axial expansion joint application


Axial expansion joints are widely used in various pipeline systems, such as the connection of axial expansion joints with pumps and valves, fire-fighting equipment and pipelines with large vibration. Pipes with frequent changes of heat and cold. Axial expansion joint is mainly used for remote water and sewage lifting and transportation, water supply and cooling circulating water of thermal power plant, pipeline transportation of metallurgical industry, condensate water, chemical industry, cooling and dilution of petrochemical industry, and flexible connection between long and short distance pipelines in other industries. Because the axial expansion joint has high wear resistance,axial expansion joint is also suitable for all industries of granular and powdery and gas low temperature.




Q1:Can the axial expansion joint be marked with customized logo?

A1:Yes,the axial expansion joint can be marked with your logo. We could provide OEM&ODM service for axial expansion joint.

Q2:What’s the face to face length of axial expansion joint?

A2:The face to face length of axial expansion joint can be L130, L152,L203... We also could accept customized length according to your requirements.

Q3:Can you provide drawings of axial expansion joint?

A3:Yes,we could provide drawings of axial expansion joint for you.Please contact us to get the drawing of axial expansion joint.

Q4:What certificates of axial expansion joint can you provide?

A4:We could provide CE,ISO certificate for our axial expansion joint.


Q5:Can we get a sample of axial expansion joint?

A5:Yes,we could provide samples for you to test the quality of our axial expansion joint.

Q6:What’s the warranty period of axial expansion joint?

A6:We provide 18 months’ warranty for our axial expansion joint.

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